Tips to find a reputable home inspector in Mississauga and Vaughan area.

No need to Choose between a GTA (Toronto) or Mississauga Home Inspection company  – The Best of Both Worlds

For the first time in several decades, according to figures supplied by the City of Toronto, more people are moving out of Toronto than are moving in. And there’s no mystery as to why. Young and old alike find the overall cost of living – especially housing – simply too much. In looking to relieve some of that pressure, the first alternative that often comes to mind is Mississauga. It’s perched on Toronto’s doorstep so it’s an easy commute for those who still work in the city and/or want to take advantage of its amenities. But more importantly, in Mississauga your dollar buys you more house on bigger lots. It really is the best of both worlds.


When Quality of Life Matters

To be fair and accurate, housing costs have also increased in communities and cities situated in and around the GTA. These include Hamilton, Burlington, Guelph and, even, Waterloo. So if you’re really bargain hunting you’d probably have to go farther afield. Yet what makes Mississauga homes attractive to city dwellers is the improved quality of life their dollar buys. There are more new and newer homes to choose from, homes that are spacious, built on larger lots which offer real front and backyards, ideal for kids and entertaining. More space, lower taxes and parking costs, not to mention access to good schools and shopping malls populated with all your favorite stores, these are but a few reasons so many are migrating to Mississauga, the other city on the lake.


Live & Work In Mississauga and Vaughan area

Enhancing the quality of life in Mississauga is the fact that more and more businesses – small and large –are also now locating in and around municipalities and regions like Mississauga and Vaughan. That, of course, means, for many, the tables have turned.  It’s the GTA city folk who are doing the longer morning and afternoon commutes, not the 905’ers.  What more could you ask for?


Finding The Right Property In Your Desired Location

What many forget is, Mississauga itself is a big, bustling city. It offers many options for home buyers, so it’s important to work with people who know that housing market. The two people who can help you most in finding the right property and ensure you’re getting the value you expect from the home you finally settle on are, a knowledgeable real estate agent and home inspector. Finding the real estate agent you like, who both lives and works in Mississauga, is relatively easy. Often the more difficult prospect is finding the appropriately trained home inspector whose opinion you trust; who will take you through the house to answer your questions and provide an accurate and informed final report.

The Home Inspector’s Home Inspector

Type “high quality home inspectors” into Google and inevitably the name, Mike Holley, of Holley Home Inspections, appears at or very near the top of the list. And that’s because, backing each home inspection he does is 35 years experience building houses, first as a Carpenter and, latterly, Project Manager for large construction companies and developers. Now, after thousands of home and commercial building inspections and glowing reviews, Mike Holley is recognized by many as, “the home inspector’s home inspector”; the class of the field. It’s also why he is well known in Toronto, the GTA (including Mississauga) and as far away as Waterloo for specialties such as certified roof inspection and commercial building inspections.


Certified Home Inspection Services in Mississauga from a Trusted & Well Respected Professional

With his credentials beyond reproach, Mike Holley of Holley Home Inspections has earned the respect and trust he enjoys among home owners and real estate agents alike. He’s not only an expert in finding added value that others might overlook, but also in spotting difficult problem areas that mark a property unworthy of the asking price. Truth is, it’s Mike’s report that is often the deciding factor in whether an offer is made or rescinded. Moving to Mississauga? Get Mike Holley working for you!



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