Importance of Toronto Condominium Inspections

You might think that the purchase of a condominium would make a "home inspection" unnecessary. Quite the opposite is true. Condominiums are every bit as complicated as afreestanding home and introduce an extra level of complexity - shared resources or building elements. Your realtor will help you understand some of the purchase differences and contract language that should be specified in a condominium purchase, but often it's just as important to inspect the condominium unit and any systems that are shared because unexpected repairs or concerns in these items will end-up hitting you wth unexpected special assessments or increases in condo fees.


The shared components most likely to need scrutiny include: the following:


      • Roofs
      • Common plumbing or water suply
      • Common electrical, cable or internet
      • Common fire safety equipment
      • Common entrances
      • Shared exterior finishing


Of course, every building is different but a condo inspection from Holley Home Inspections will make sure you get a thorough assessment of of the elements in your unit and for common or shared elements.  Contact us today