Before you buy a home or commercial property in Scarborough, make sure your investment is a good one with a thorough inspection.

Your new potential home may look attractive—after all, lots of money goes into staging and gardening to boost curb appeal. But what about under the surface? Are there problems with the systems or structural parts of the house that will cost you later?

Our certified home inspectors know where to look for any problems with houses, condos and commercial buildings. In fact, because of our unique background in construction and building, we’re quick to spot hidden issues other inspectors might miss.

Once you have our report, you’ll have a complete picture of your new property and its condition. Most of the time, the problems we find are part of the normal maintenance of a home. Our experts can advise you on the most cost-effect way to care for your property to increase its value and your quality of life.

Sometimes, however, there are bigger problems. In these cases, you’ll be glad you have the full information so you can negotiate repairs or a more accurate price—or walk away from a bad investment.

House and condo inspections in Scarborough

For most people, a home in the single biggest purchase we make in a lifetime. It only makes sense to do your research and make sure you’re paying a fair price for what you’re getting.

A thorough home inspection by a certified inspector will give you peace of mind that your Scarborough home is the right choice for you and your family.

At Holley Home Inspections, we act fast to help you avoid delays. Our quick response time and fast turn-around on reports (often same-day) give you the information to make a good decision as quickly as possible. 

Buying a condo? Don’t make the mistake of skipping an inspection! 

Condos have just as many potential problems as a house—plus the added complexity of sharing so many systems with the building. A problem with one shared system, like plumbing, can affect every unit in the building.

Mold inspections in Scarborough

We see a lot of problems with mold in some of the older homes in Scarborough. Fortunately, we have certified mold inspectors on our team. We know where to look for problems and how to advise you to resolve the issue.

Mold can pose a serious danger, both to your health and the structure of your house. If you’re concerned you may have mold, give us a call today to schedule an inspection.

You can also visit our mold section to learn more about the dangers of mold, how to spot it and the best ways to prevent it.

Scarborough commercial building inspection

Businesses come with so many expenses—you don’t need the added surprise cost of a roof replacement.

Holley Home Inspections provides certified commercial building and property inspections with the latest technology. We’ll check all the major systems can cause problems in a commercial building, plus give you expert advice on how to make cost-saving repairs.

We know flat top roofs are a major concern for office buildings. That’s why we use infrared thermal cameras to get a complete view of your roof. If you notice a problem with your roof, you can save money by calling us before a roofer. We’ll give you an unbiased assessment and let you know if you need a minor fix or major repairs.