Big Beautiful Brampton!

Face it, moving to Brampton used to mean you couldn’t afford a home in the city; that you were willing to endure long and frustrating daily commutes just so you and your family could live and grow in an affordable home of your own, even if it meant putting up with inconveniences.

How times change.

With more and more people and businesses having grown tired of paying top dollar to live and work in downtown Toronto, this onetime bedroom community of Brampton is now a desired locale for those very people and businesses. Brampton, like Mississauga, is now a big, thriving city in its own right. And the tables have turned.

With major corporate offices and businesses locating in and around Brampton, the folks often doing the long commute now are the city dwellers. Of course, with this growth, property prices in Brampton are not a steal. However, the inventory of newer, bigger houses, on big lots, means home-buyers can reasonably expect to get more value for their home-buying-dollar in Brampton than Toronto.

Still, ensuring you get true value from the Brampton home you’re thinking of buying, value that helps to ensure mortgage approval, then you will need more than a merely competent home inspection. That’s why Holley Home Inspections is doing a great share of its business in Brampton.

It’s easy to see why Holley Home Inspections gets the call. Because unlike most other certified home inspectors, owner/operator Michael Holley spent 35 years working as both a carpenter and project manager on large housing developments before he became a home inspector. He knows homes from foundation to roof which means, he’ll spot both assets and liabilities that many others, without his hands-on experience, would miss.

Moreover, Holley Home inspections is pleased to announce it’s new service, comprehensive roof inspections for both homes and commercial buildings. Regardless of the task, you can rely on Michael Holley and his team to deliver concise, accurate reports promptly while also making themselves available for questions, explanations and the like during and after the inspection’s complete.

Holley Home Inspections: If you’re buying a home in Brampton, who better to do the inspection than inspectors who know how to build them?


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