Commercial Roof Inspections

Whether you’re seeking to lease or purchase a commercial property with a flat roof, you know the condition of that roof is key to ratifying a final deal you’ll be happy with. Given replacement costs for flat, commercial roofs are measured in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, it’s critical that you know if the roof, on the property under consideration, needs replacing or, merely, simple repairs.


It’s here where Holley Home Inspections proves its value to commercial clients. Relying on its extensive background both building and inspecting commercial properties, Holley is uniquely equipped with state-of-the-art thermal imaging cameras, not to mention superior diagnostic skills, to accurately estimate the life that’s left in any commercial roof and whether, in the future, it will need to be replaced or see its life extended with a few timely repairs.

Of course this also goes for current commercial leaseholders and commercial property owners too. If you think your roof is in need of maintenance or possible replacement, it makes sense to first get an evaluation from an independent third party expert like Holley’s people can provide. A relatively inexpensive inspection by a Holley pro can often be the difference between spending a little, or an awful lot, on your roof.


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