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Roof inspection – Toronto inspectors ready to service your home

  • There’s no need to sacrifice quality for speed—our roof inspections are both high quality and quick
  • Our OAHI certified inspectors handle your commercial inspection needs fast
  • We ensure all inspectors are certified by both the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors and the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors

Early intervention is vastly preferable to addressing a problem only after it’s become severe. By performing regular roof scans you’ll be able to identify issues before they worsen, reducing the overall cost of roof maintenance and avoiding any domino-effect damage that might occur. Our trained professionals and quality service make routine roof maintenance simple, quick, and cost-effective.

Certified roof inspector services in Toronto – serving the entire GTA area

  • Our specialized infrared scanning systems are non-destructive and highly accurate
  • To make sure no problem goes unnoticed, our inspectors also complete a visual inspection
  • Honesty is important to us—each evaluation we complete is 100% unbiased, thorough, and ethical

We pay a lot of attention to roofs at Holley Home Inspections. Why? Because a large part of building maintenance cost is inevitably wrapped up in the roof. To ensure a quality inspection with as little invasion as possible, we use specialized infrared roof scanning systems. Infrared thermal scanning is non-destructive and effective, able to accurately identify problem areas on a roof long before the effects of the damage are discovered inside the building.

Commercial & residential roof inspections – Backed by a high-quality brand

  • We have been a trusted provider of home inspections for nearly a decade
  • We’re proud to offer quality inspections at affordable prices
  • Our friendly, experienced inspectors and competitive pricing are the hallmarks of our business

As a company, our objective has always been simple—to offer our clients an informed and reliable inspection of their home so that they can place trust in the asset they are purchasing. We strive to offer top tier services at an affordable cost by making sure our inspectors are trained, registered, and certified. We’ve worked hard to establish our reputation as a quality company and are dedicated to ensuring that reputation remains well-deserved.


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