Surprising Scarborough!

Of all the communities that comprise the GTA, none is more misunderstood and under appreciated than Scarborough. With a thriving, diverse population of more than 600,000 people, with an average age of 40, over 50% live in single family dwellings, semis, townhouses or duplexes.

Bad press, solely focused on the social problems faced by those pockets of Scarborough where many are housed in high density zones defined by huge, multi-story apartment blocks, has, sadly, coloured the impression many have of a vital, abundant community with much to recommend it to home buyers.

Whether it’s a starter home or escaping downtown for a place on a scenic, spacious lot hugging the bluffs overlooking Lake Ontario, the opportunities in Scarborough are genuinely surprising. This is a community that not only boasts beaches, two yacht clubs and a sailing club, but a multitude of unique dining opportunities, nightclubs, shops and expansive shopping malls boasting all your favourite stores. That’s not to mention the range of accessible schools including public, private and separate.

Here, at Holley Home Inspections, we’re forever surprised that more people haven’t discovered the unique and, generally, affordable home options Scarborough offers. If you haven’t already, it’s definitely time to explore the area. And when you and your real estate agent find something that works for you, you’ll definitely want one of Toronto’s most qualified and highly rated home inspectors, Mike Holley of Holley Home Inspections, making certain you’re getting the best value for your money.

While there’s no shortage of home inspectors to choose from, Mike Holley has one unique advantage over most of them, and that is, for 35 years prior to becoming an inspector, Mike himself was a contractor. He’s done everything from carpentry to project manage major housing developments. Mike knows as much about the structural integrity and services that make for a sound, well built home, as most who are building houses today.

So, when it comes time to choose a home inspector who can find hidden value in a property or catch flaws that might otherwise get overlooked, the obvious choice is Holley Home Inspection. Really, who better to inspect your home than an inspector who knows how to build them?

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