There are home inspectors and there are home inspectors – Holley Home inspections supports the move to license them.

Not everybody you meet is a qualified Toronto home inspector. The fact is that, right now, anybody in Ontario can call themselves an inspector and you may never know the difference. And with online rating systems like HOMESTARS and other directories, it’s more confusing than ever to find out who’s real and who’s not. This is why the recent push to have home inspectors licensed by the province makes so much sense.

We Welcome It!

Most qualified home inspectors have earned their credentials through hours and hours of study and hard work. In Ontario, OAHI (Ontario Association of Home Inspectors) is one organization that helps ensure a high quality inspection. But the proposed licensing by the Ontario Ministry of Consumer Services is an important leap forward in ensuring that Toronto home buyers can place confidence in the inspection of their newly purchased home.

Until it becomes law, look for OAHI certification, use our suggestions for a good Toronto Home Inspection, and let your government know how you feel by offering feedback here.