This presentation is both my personal and professional opinion.
I am there to be part of a support group. I believe what I have to offer is an extensive construction background which was that of a journeyman carpenter doing both residential and commercial work, hands on and as a superintendent and project manager for more than 35 years. I also use a well rounded resource group of trades people and contractors.

Real Estate Presentation By Holley Home Inspections

I see myself as a member of a team, a support resource, a person who offers solutions to the construction problems you encounter. I am happy to help out whether or not I have done an inspection on that particular property or not. I’m looking for working relationships.

Houses have problems and when you shine a light on them they are often not that bad, and sometimes the solution can just make them evaporate. The vast majority of problems are better with a solution attached to them. Inspections are most often about maintenance, correcting something before it becomes a real problem. Houses need to be maintained on an ongoing basis. The new owner needs to pick up where the vendor left off, or catch what the vendor missed.

I think clients feel very grateful, more confident and comfortable in their purchase if they feel they have had a thorough inspection with the next steps on what they need to do to look after their new purchase. And if you are the one that helps them with that you just took a step up in their books, I have noticed that. If you think this approach would be helpful to your clients and maybe generate goodwill and more leads, I’d be happy for the opportunity to work with you.

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