If you’re confused about what’s happening with real estate, welcome to the club. What we know is that higher mortgage rates, combined with higher across-the-board consumer-goods prices, have led to inflation and a shaky economy. And that’s meant that the prevailing uncertainty is leaving home sellers and purchasers alike uncertain about how or when to proceed.

Do I or Don’t I?


If you’re intending on purchasing a home, it’s now harder to qualify for a mortgage. That’s not all bad. Vendors now have to be more flexible with pricing because there are fewer qualified buyers. That means higher mortgage rates can, to some degree, be offset by more favourable prices.

Nevertheless, securing qualification from a lending institution is dependent on quantifiable factors, not least of which is the condition of the home you’d like to buy. And the only way to truly certify the value of any property is with a thorough home inspection by a reputable, qualified home inspector.


Bidding wars and vendors realizing well over-asking prices are, today, much rarer than just a couple of years ago. But that doesn’t mean that this isn’t a good time to sell. Prices, while more flexible depending on the property, haven’t noticeably diminished. Granted, there are fewer qualified buyers out there, but those who do qualify are committed. And the truth is, a good home can sell just as quickly today as it did in years past.

Still, there’s no better way to demonstrate the value of the home you’re selling than with the proof that a home inspection provides. Whether that means you address small repairs before listing or, simply, you possess a firm understanding of your home’s inherent value, a home inspection means you’re better positioned to realize your asking price while selling quickly.

Holley Home Inspections

With a combined 50 years in both the construction and inspection business, Holley Home Inspections is recognized as one of the GTA’s most highly rated and respected. With a deep background in housing developments and every phase of construction, Mike Holley and his associates bring a unique perspective to home and property inspection.

They know how a home is constructed so they know exactly what to look for; the things others often overlook. Honestly, who better to inspect a home than the guys who once built them?